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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "More determined than ever."
2.  Chapter 104Danglars Signature.
3.  "But," said Valentine, timidly, "does all the father's shamerevert upon the son? Monsieur Albert appears to me quiteinnocent of the treason charged against the general."
4.  "We are forbidden to shed your blood."
5.  "To my grandfather's room."
6.  "His excellency waits for you," said a voice, which herecognized as that of the sentinel. He was accompanied bytwo of the yacht's crew. Franz drew his handkerchief fromhis pocket, and presented it to the man who had spoken tohim. Without uttering a word, they bandaged his eyes with acare that showed their apprehensions of his committing someindiscretion. Afterwards he was made to promise that hewould not make the least attempt to raise the bandage. Hepromised. Then his two guides took his arms, and he went on,guided by them, and preceded by the sentinel. After goingabout thirty paces, he smelt the appetizing odor of the kidthat was roasting, and knew thus that he was passing thebivouac; they then led him on about fifty paces farther,evidently advancing towards that part of the shore wherethey would not allow Gaetano to go -- a refusal he could nowcomprehend. Presently, by a change in the atmosphere, heknew that they were entering a cave; after going on for afew seconds more he heard a crackling, and it seemed to himas though the atmosphere again changed, and became balmy andperfumed. At length his feet touched on a thick and softcarpet, and his guides let go their hold of him. There was amoment's silence, and then a voice, in excellent French,although, with a foreign accent, said, "Welcome, sir. I begyou will remove your bandage." It may be supposed, then,Franz did not wait for a repetition of this permission, buttook off the handkerchief, and found himself in the presenceof a man from thirty-eight to forty years of age, dressed ina Tunisian costume -- that is to say, a red cap with a longblue silk tassel, a vest of black cloth embroidered withgold, pantaloons of deep red, large and full gaiters of thesame color, embroidered with gold like the vest, and yellowslippers; he had a splendid cashmere round his waist, and asmall sharp and crooked cangiar was passed through hisgirdle. Although of a paleness that was almost livid, thisman had a remarkably handsome face; his eyes werepenetrating and sparkling; his nose, quite straight, andprojecting direct from the brow, was of the pure Greek type,while his teeth, as white as pearls, were set off toadmiration by the black mustache that encircled them.


1.  There had been no prisoners confined in the Chateau d'Ifsince the revolution of July; it was only inhabited by aguard, kept there for the prevention of smuggling. Aconcierge waited at the door to exhibit to visitors thismonument of curiosity, once a scene of terror. The countinquired whether any of the ancient jailers were stillthere; but they had all been pensioned, or had passed on tosome other employment. The concierge who attended him hadonly been there since 1830. He visited his own dungeon. Heagain beheld the dull light vainly endeavoring to penetratethe narrow opening. His eyes rested upon the spot where hadstood his bed, since then removed, and behind the bed thenew stones indicated where the breach made by the Abbe Fariahad been. Monte Cristo felt his limbs tremble; he seatedhimself upon a log of wood.
2.  The day after that in which the scene we have just describedhad taken place on the road between Bellegarde andBeaucaire, a man of about thirty or two and thirty, dressedin a bright blue frock coat, nankeen trousers, and a whitewaistcoat, having the appearance and accent of anEnglishman, presented himself before the mayor ofMarseilles. "Sir," said he, "I am chief clerk of the houseof Thomson & French, of Rome. We are, and have been theseten years, connected with the house of Morrel & Son, ofMarseilles. We have a hundred thousand francs or thereaboutsloaned on their securities, and we are a little uneasy atreports that have reached us that the firm is on the brinkof ruin. I have come, therefore, express from Rome, to askyou for information."
3.  The conversation had now turned upon a topic so pleasing toMorrel, that he was ready to accede to anything thatValentine thought fit to propose, and he likewise felt thata piece of intelligence such as he just heard ought to bemore than sufficient to content him for one day. However, hewould not leave without the promise of seeing Valentineagain the next night. Valentine promised all that Morrelrequired of her, and certainly it was less difficult now forher to believe that she should marry Maximilian than it wasan hour ago to assure herself that she should not marryFranz. During the time occupied by the interview we havejust detailed, Madame de Villefort had gone to visit M.Noirtier. The old man looked at her with that stern andforbidding expression with which he was accustomed toreceive her.
4.  Edmond gazed very earnestly at the mass of rocks which gaveout all the variety of twilight colors, from the brightestpink to the deepest blue; and from time to time his cheeksflushed, his brow darkened, and a mist passed over his eyes.Never did gamester, whose whole fortune is staked on onecast of the die, experience the anguish which Edmond felt inhis paroxysms of hope. Night came, and at ten o'clock theyanchored. The Young Amelia was first at the rendezvous. Inspite of his usual command over himself, Dantes could notrestrain his impetuosity. He was the first to jump on shore;and had he dared, he would, like Lucius Brutus, have "kissedhis mother earth." It was dark, but at eleven o'clock themoon rose in the midst of the ocean, whose every wave shesilvered, and then, "ascending high," played in floods ofpale light on the rocky hills of this second Pelion.
5.  "Then," said the count, "your feeble spirit will not evengrant me the trial I request? Come -- do you know of whatthe Count of Monte Cristo is capable? do you know that heholds terrestrial beings under his control? nay, that he canalmost work a miracle? Well, wait for the miracle I hope toaccomplish, or" --
6.  "It might, for the cabin door was open -- and -- stay; now Irecollect, -- Danglars himself passed by just as CaptainLeclere was giving me the packet for the grand marshal."


1.  "And you?"
2.  "Well," said Monte Cristo in an indifferent tone, "you willdo as you please, count, for you are the master of your ownactions, and are the person most concerned in the matter,but if I were you, I would not divulge a word of theseadventures. Your history is quite a romance, and the world,which delights in romances in yellow covers, strangelymistrusts those which are bound in living parchment, eventhough they be gilded like yourself. This is the kind ofdifficulty which I wished to represent to you, my dearcount. You would hardly have recited your touching historybefore it would go forth to the world, and be deemedunlikely and unnatural. You would be no longer a lost childfound, but you would be looked upon as an upstart, who hadsprung up like a mushroom in the night. You might excite alittle curiosity, but it is not every one who likes to bemade the centre of observation and the subject of unpleasantremark."
3.  "What are you doing, reverend sir? Suppose a watchman shouldpass?" And he blew out the light. He then descended, but itwas only when he felt his foot touch the ground that he wassatisfied of his safety.
4.  "Bah," said Debray; "he scarcely knew Mademoiselle deVillefort; you said so yourself."
5.   "No, I will go and speak to him myself." Morrel went out,called Baptistin, and whispered a few words to him. Thevalet ran directly. "Well, have you sent?" asked MonteCristo, seeing Morrel return.
6.  "Oh, not much -- from twelve to thirteen hundred thousandfrancs. But to return to our millions."


1.  "How? -- not Morcerf?"
2.  "You have never heard his name?"
3.  The next morning at daybreak, Valentine and Morrel werewalking arm-in-arm on the sea-shore, Valentine relating howMonte Cristo had appeared in her room, explained everything,revealed the crime, and, finally, how he had saved her lifeby enabling her to simulate death. They had found the doorof the grotto opened, and gone forth; on the azure dome ofheaven still glittered a few remaining stars. Morrel soonperceived a man standing among the rocks, apparentlyawaiting a sign from them to advance, and pointed him out toValentine. "Ah, it is Jacopo," she said, "the captain of theyacht; "and she beckoned him towards them.
4、  Saying these words, the Transteverin disappeared down thestaircase, while his companion, muffling his features moreclosely than before in the folds of his mantle, passedalmost close to Franz, and descended to the arena by anoutward flight of steps. The next minute Franz heard himselfcalled by Albert, who made the lofty building re-echo withthe sound of his friend's name. Franz, however, did not obeythe summons till he had satisfied himself that the two menwhose conversation he had overheard were at a sufficientdistance to prevent his encountering them in his descent. Inten minutes after the strangers had departed, Franz was onthe road to the Piazza de Spagni, listening with studiedindifference to the learned dissertation delivered byAlbert, after the manner of Pliny and Calpurnius, touchingthe iron-pointed nets used to prevent the ferocious beastsfrom springing on the spectators. Franz let him proceedwithout interruption, and, in fact, did not hear what wassaid; he longed to be alone, and free to ponder over allthat had occurred. One of the two men, whose mysteriousmeeting in the Colosseum he had so unintentionallywitnessed, was an entire stranger to him, but not so theother; and though Franz had been unable to distinguish hisfeatures, from his being either wrapped in his mantle orobscured by the shadow, the tones of his voice had made toopowerful an impression on him the first time he had heardthem for him ever again to forget them, hear them when orwhere he might. It was more especially when this man wasspeaking in a manner half jesting, half bitter, that Franz'sear recalled most vividly the deep sonorous, yetwell-pitched voice that had addressed him in the grotto ofMonte Cristo, and which he heard for the second time amidthe darkness and ruined grandeur of the Colosseum. And themore he thought, the more entire was his conviction, thatthe person who wore the mantle was no other than his formerhost and entertainer, "Sinbad the Sailor."
5、  It was the governor, who, hearing of Faria's illness fromthe jailer, had come in person to see him.




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      "He did not credit it at the period which I knew him," saidMonte Cristo, touched to the heart by the accents of Julie'svoice; "but, perhaps, since then he has had proofs thatgratitude does exist."

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      "Follow me, Mr. Commissary!" said the brigadier; "tread inmy steps."

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       "Yes, and I am come to look for him; he is a friend ofmine."

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      "I will come directly," cried Valentine aloud. The name ofMonte Cristo sent an electric shock through the young man onthe other side of the iron gate, to whom Valentine's "I amcoming" was the customary signal of farewell. "Now, then,"said Maximilian, leaning on the handle of his spade, "Iwould give a good deal to know how it comes about that theCount of Monte Cristo is acquainted with M. de Villefort."

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    {  "Indeed I do not know what he is; he has three unlimitedcredits -- one on me, one on Rothschild, one on Lafitte;and, you see," he added carelessly, "he has given me thepreference, by leaving a balance of 100,000 francs." M. deBoville manifested signs of extraordinary admiration. "Imust visit him," he said, "and obtain some pious grant fromhim."

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      "Oh, yes, certainly," said the count; "uniform, cross,knee-breeches."}

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      "Shut up, there!" cried the pit in chorus. And this time thetone and manner in which the command was given, betokenedsuch growing hostility that the two young men perceived, forthe first time, that the mandate was addressed to them.Leisurely turning round, they calmly scrutinized the variouscountenances around them, as though demanding some oneperson who would take upon himself the responsibility ofwhat they deemed excessive impertinence; but as no oneresponded to the challenge, the friends turned again to thefront of the theatre, and affected to busy themselves withthe stage. At this moment the door of the minister's boxopened, and Madame Danglars, accompanied by her daughter,entered, escorted by Lucien Debray, who assiduouslyconducted them to their seats.

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      "Here they are, and 200 more besides. See, I have sold mywatch for 100 francs, and the guard and seals for 300. Howfortunate that the ornaments were worth more than the watch.Still the same story of superfluities! Now I think we arerich, since instead of the 114 francs we require for thejourney we find ourselves in possession of 250."

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       "He? Oh, no, he has plunged a thousand daggers into myheart, tragedy-weapons, I own, which instead of woundingsheathe their points in their own handles, but daggers whichhe nevertheless believed to be real and deadly."

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    {  "And how did this despatch reach you?" inquired the king.The minister bowed his head, and while a deep coloroverspread his cheeks, he stammered out, --

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      "And is her name a secret?"